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CROSSTRAIN (Monthly Membership)
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This 6-day/week ONGOING program is designed for individuals who want to get stronger and improve body composition all at the same time. This ongoing program applies a wide variety of methods to turn you into a lean, mean, strong machine. It utilizes powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and gymnastics in fun, unconventional ways to become a well-rounded athlete and fitness enthusiast. With a wide variety of exercise substitutions; this program can be done by anyone, anywhere!
We recommend starting this program on Monday. Splits as follows:
Day 1: Lower Strength /
Day 2: Upper Push/ Pull Strength /
Day 3: Core, Cardio & Arms /
Day 4: Lower Hypertrophy /
Day 5: Upper Push/ Pull Hypertrophy /
Day 6: Full Body Conditioning /
Day 7: Rest Day /
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